Monday, September 27, 2010

Steelers Dominating Opposing QBs

They are a million great things to say about the performance of the Steelers' defense for the first three weeks, but I think this statistical analysis may be even more illustrative. Here is how the three opposing QBs have played against the Black and Gold and their two other opponents.

Matt Ryan                             Points   comp/att         Yds         Ypa       TD/Int      Rating
Week 1 v. Pittsburgh                 9          27/44            252          5.73          0/1           67.6
Week 2 v. Arizona                     41          21/32            225          7.03          3/0          117.3
Week 3 v. New Orleans             27          19/30            228          7.60          2/0         108.8

Vince Young (Pulled)
Week 1 v. Oakland                   38            13/17             154         9.06         2/0         142.8
Week 2 v. Pittsburgh              11              7/10               66         6.60         0/2          48.3
Week 3 v. NY Giants                29            10/16             118         7.38         1/0         105.7

Josh Freeman (Pulled-end)
Week 1 v. Cleveland                 17             17/28             182        6.50           2/1        88.7
Week 2 v. Carolina                    20             12/24             178        7.42          2/0       102.4
Week 3 v. Pittsburgh               13             20/31             184        5.94          0/1         67.1

In nine games, these three quarterbacks are 6-0 vs. the rest of the league, 0-3 against the Steelers. They have thrown 12 TDs/1 Int against the rest of the league, 0 TDs/4 Ints against Pittsburgh (not incl. Kerry Collins int.). In those other six games the lowest quarterback rating is 88.7. Against the Steelers' the highest rating is 67.6. These qbs are putting up an average of 28.6 pts/g against other teams and 11 against the Steelers (with the only two tds allowed coming in the last two minutes of each game.)

Totally dominant against quarterbacks who are carving up other teams in the league.


faustus le grand said...

nice stat work. by the way, ever notice how lebeau calls a much better game when he knows/thinks the offense is inept? witness the much more aggressive blitz calling in 2008 and this year. lets pray he keeps it up when ben is back.

Cdavis2844 said...

Steeler's D is awesome and I'm a believer, but......they have faced only one credible team (Atlanta) and that was in the opener, and there is only one legit "Other Opponent" in your analysis (New Orleans). The others have Power Rankings of 30, 29, 28, 24, and 22. You could even question New Orleans as "an elite" after their first three games.

Lets see how the trend continues, as the Steelers face some competition on offense. We may have a bit of a wait though. The Steelers do not face a credible quarterback until Weeks 8, 9 and 10. They should enter that stretch at 7-0.

The Hammer said...

A) Tennessee is good. B) Harvard boy hung 30 on you after Sanchez tore u up. Better hope Ur boys score 40 every week.