Monday, August 22, 2011

Back Up And Running & A Programming Note

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog this summer because of my duties covering the Pirates. As most of you know my baseball writing is usually posted here and here because it is often pretty detailed and better suited for the hardcore baseball fans.

Now, with the Pirates season winding down, it's again time to crank up the blog. Season 2 of The Terrible Podcast is in full swing and we will have another episode up today with Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette as our guest. There is a widget on the sidebar of the front page that allows you to access all the podcasts, but I will also start posting them again so they are sent out in the daily email. With the season opener only a few weeks away there is plenty to talk about.

While the local sports teams will always be a staple of The Hammer Speaks, there should be plenty of topics of broader interest that will hopefully keep you entertained going forward. I also will attempt to do a better job of linking to articles and topics that I find interesting. Hopefully you will too. This may mean more posts, but it should also give you access to some content that you might not normally come across.

You can subscribe to the blog by posting your email in the box on the front page. As a subscriber you will recieve a daily email once a day, but only if there is new content on the blog that day. It is generated automatically and sent out around 1 pm EST.

Please feel free to add any thoughts, comments or criticisms you have or things you might like to see covered or discussed. Thanks for reading and for your support.
Starting tomorrow, Tuesday August 23, I will be hosting Stan Savaran's Show on 970 ESPN Pittsburgh from 10-Noon for the rest of the week. You can listen here. If you want to get involved the number is 1-412-922-2874.

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