Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why Some Teams Will Never Win

The lead two paragraphs in this article are mind-boggling.  
The New Orleans Hornets offered their vacant coaching job to Boston Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau last week, but they're prepared to move on if Thibodeau has not accepted the job before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, according to sources close to the situation.
Sources told that the Hornets don't want to let their coaching search drag beyond this week and plan to offer the job instead to Portland Trail Blazers assistant Monty Williams if Thibodeau, architect of Boston's vaunted defense, doesn't accept by Thursday.
Let's go Hubie Brown:

"As an owner you have countless millions of dollars invested in your NBA franchise. You are located in a city with only one other major sports franchise.  You have a big opportunity here.  The NBA is a coach's league.  You have to make a good decision here.  You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT afford to make a mistake here."

Thanks, Hubie.  No you cannot.

So, let's see.  You've identified the guy you think is the best coach out there and offered him the job.  He happens to be the associate head coach of one of the two teams playing for the championship of your league.  Someday you hope that your franchise has such an opportunity.

Your chosen coach has been the architect of his team's defense which has been the keystone of its success in reaching the Finals in two of the past three years.  Said Finals could take two weeks.  No team is pursuing your alternative candidate to be its head coach.  Yet, you might not wait for an answer because the guy you have chosen, the coach you want to lead your franchise for the next five to ten years, is coaching in the NBA Finals.  You may have to wait two weeks for him to finish that job and look at his options.  Options that only exist because other teams realize what a great coaching talent he is.  You want an answer now.

The NBA draft is June 24.  Free agency starts July 1.  You can't wait.  You have to move.  The second choice will work out just fine, you convince yourself.

Enjoy lottery hell for the next five years.  Flawed decision making like this makes it a virtual certainty.

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backtofoulke said...

Sounds like Thibodeau just turned NO down and will instead turn his attention to Chicago. At least that is what the NY Post is reporting.

My sense is that the ownership vacuum may be playing a role here. You have Goerge Shinn, who by all accounts is one of the three worst owners in the NBA, on the way out. He reportedly sold to Gary Chouest (sp) but that sale is not final. So you either have 1) a terrible lame duck in charge, 2) no owner in charge or 3) a future owner in charge. And without leadership, you have this jerkoff GM Jeff Bower - who probably will be fired when Chouest takes over - torn between the guy he "kind of" wants (Thibo) and the guy who Chris Paul wants .... Monty Williams.

Agree, this is a giant bag of shit and it's no way to run an organization. But this is what happens when you have bad ownership. I never miss an opportunity to repeat this (my) mantra .... the only thing that should matter to a fan is who owns his or her team because it all starts at the top.