Sunday, June 13, 2010

Group C, the Group of Life

Breaking from format, I give you Group C: England v. USA and Algeria v. Slovenia.

Result: England 1  USA 1

Aside from the extraordinary drama this wasn't a particularly entertaining match.  One thing was certain, we saw the the worst goal of the tournament.  It's been written about.  My two cents is that everything that was discussed before the game was spot on.  Strengths and weaknesses proved to be just that.  Suprisingly the US attacks better than they defend.  More surprisingly, the England midfield partnership of Gerrard and Lampard, for all their skill, appears miscast.  I hope to see better from Donovan and Rooney going forward.

Result: Algeria 0  Slovenia 1

No drama, a red card and the second worst goal of the tournament.

When there are sixty matches, they can't all be entertaining.  Slovenia is now in charge of the group, but if England and the US don't get through there will be hell to pay back home.  Let's hope that Group D brings us more joy today.

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