Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raise the Jolly Roger?

Wow!  Not many days of joy in being a Pittsburgh Pirates fan the past 20 years.  Are times changing?  The Rule 4 or First Year Player Draft started last night and is continuing today and tomorrow.  The Pirates had the second overall pick last night and chose Jameson Taillon.  There are write-ups here, here and The Hardball Times has great video and analysis as well.

Taillon has the highest upside of any pitcher in the draft and I love the pick.  But, TINSTAAPP--There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.  High school pitchers are inherently hard to project because of age and because so many pitchers get hurt.  That is why the Pirates 2nd pick, Stetson Allie, also the best name in the draft, is so interesting.  He is also a high school pitcher and Baseball America felt he was the second best available in the draft after Taillon.  BA thought he might go in the top 10, but he most likely fell because he wants a lot of money to pass on his scholarship to the University of North Carolina.

Both Taillon and Stetson have fastballs that touch 98-99 and excellent secondary pitches.  I will have a LOT more on this later and getting them both signed is now the challenge.  But if you are a Pirates fan, these picks should really get you excited.


Anonymous said...

Dave, relative to the draft in general, why was Washington given the #1 pick two years running? Isn't there some MLB rule which precludes that? Isn't that why our Buccos were unable to draft Ken Griffey the year after they took Bonds? As to the current draft---it looks like Littlefield's stratategy (pitching, pitching, pitching) with a slightly bigger budget.

The Hammer said...

Draft order is based on previous year performance just like the NFL. Worst team drafts first. The Nats got quite a pair in Strasburg and Harper.

Pirates 2006 first round pick Mike Lincoln debuts tonight against the Nats. Tough act to follow with SS last night.