Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best Lines Hall of Fame, World Cup Edition, PG Rated

With the start of the World Cup knockout phase effectively taking place today it's time to look back at some classic moments from the first ten days.

--France arrived in South Africa due to a dubious referee's decision in a qualifying match against Ireland.  Turmoil around and within the side increased with an opening draw against Uruguay and then a loss to Mexico.  Enigmatic striker Nicolas Anelka was kicked off the team for insubordination.

ABC wanted to get to the bottom of the story and had Bob Ley interview L'Equipe journalist Erik Bielderman live on Sunday morning to discuss the story.  Click the link to see the interview or read the quote but basically Anelka told the coach to have at himself, to use soccer terms, and called him a son of a bitch for good measure.  I saw it live and, after I got over my disbelief, had a good long laugh.  My only disappointment is the screen was showing highlights rather than the set during the interview, so we didn't get to see Ley's reaction in real time.

--The Guardian has fantastic coverage of the tournament and the English writers are always willing to draw some great analogies.  In describing the New Zealand side one scribe quipped:
The New Zealanders are a bit like Thai masseuses--capable of surprising results given how little they earn, and leaving you wondering if there will be a happy ending.
In describing the live action from Spain-Honduras another blogged:
My fingers are getting tired and my head hurts from trying to remember which Spaniard pinged which short pass to what Spaniard seven pinged short passes ago.  Unless I say otherwise, just take it as reading that Spain are laying siege to the Honduran penalty area, sending the ball shuttling to and fro from touchline to touchline in intricate moves featuring, in no particular order,  Alonso, Navas, Xavi, Busquets, Torres and Villa.
Colin Greer opined the following:
On ESPN radio some American chap and Tommy Smyth (angrily waving his knobbly stick) are providing match commentary.  If anyone is considering suicide and needs a little extra push, give them a listen. 
And my favorite thus far, from an unidentified British source:
Spain meet Honduras in Jo'burg on Monday.  Greece meet Argentina in Polokwane, Tuesday.  On Thursday England meet France at the airport. 
France kept their part of the bargain this morning losing to the hosts 2-1.  England is on tap at 10:00 AM tomorrow.  The World Cup.  One game changes everything.......and the quotes just keep on coming.


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