Thursday, June 10, 2010

Copa Mundial and a Funny E-mail

So the biggest sporting event in the world starts tomorrow.  I'm a bit surprised the poll on the site is running so strongly pro-soccer.  It is difficult to convey the passion and frenzy that this event brings out in so many people in so many countries.  I'll preview and recap some of the matches for you, but will probably spend more time pointing you to articles that I found interesting and that convey this passion.

If you are looking for some background Fox Soccer Channel is running thirty minute shows called The Contenders which preview all the teams in the WC.  They are also running half-hour shows called 500 Greatest Goals and Football Rivalries--great shows to get you in the mood.

I fear the US may have a tough go this time around.  They have drawn well by being in a group with England (Saturday, 2:30), Slovenia (June 18, 10 am) and Algeria (June 23, 10 am), and they will be the second favorite to come out of Group C.  The team seems to be more dangerous on the attack than in years past with Jozy Altidore and Landon Donovan, proven world class players.  But, surprisingly, the US looks very vulnerable in the back, particularly in the center where Oguchi Onyewu has been very slow to recover from injury.  They will find out early, opening against England one of the pre-tournament favourites (like the spelling twist?).

I got an email from Fritter a Danish-born, US resident friend of mine who is particularly soccer-crazy.  I thought it was worth passing along.  It was sent by a British friend of his living in Boston.  The British guy emailed his American buddies:

As my American friends will be unaware there is a World Tournament taking place where ALL the World got to qualify(could not resist that to all you Baseball fans)
 So the good news is the USA qualified the bad new is they get to play England!!!  Given a number of you have tried to explain the finer points of baseball, American Footballetc it seems only fair that you should come round for a Footy match to the Brits house ( and Yes those British flags will up again!)
Venue:  153 Washington Street
Time:  2pm 
Purpose: Eat and Drink warm beer( will have some cold American ones there also) and watch a game of Footy uninterrupted by commerical breaks
As Fritter notes, "The funny thing is it was sent last Thursday morning and five people showed up at his house that afternoon looking for the game.....Can't make this up."

The lure of free booze is big in Boston.  Some will even suffer through a Football Match.

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Dr. Harris said...

It's nice to be in Massachusetts this weekend for the US opener with England -- great energy here, especially after tonight's inspiring Celtics' win. I don't think most people in the world have any idea how good the US is -- think how far they've come since 1994 when they went through to the Round of 16. And the rest of the field is depleted with injuries this year. Still, beating England is a tall order -- nil-nil.