Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Gotta See This Music Video

I take no credit for finding this (credit to Joe Poz and he found it from another as well) and I hate to have an entry supersede my fantastic Playoff Predictions and Trivia entry.  And it isn't even sports-related.  I almost have nothing to say.

But, there is sooooo much to say.  How does Lady Gaga dance in those shoes?  Where do you even find shoes like that?  Why doesn't Debbie Harry get a solo verse?  Who are the people who run on stage about half way through and then why are they joined by the NYU men's water polo team?  Or is that Elton John's entourage?  Why can't the girl doing the video figure out when Sting is singing and get the camera on him?  Who kisses Bruce at the end?  Way too many questions.  To answer some, here is the New York Times' review of the concert.

You might want to check out some of the comments on Joe Poz's blog as well:
  • Not exactly James Wong Howe with the camerawork there.

  • "Simon Cowell":  It was a little karaoke for me.  Sorry, sorry, it was.

  • What's with the reincarnation of  the Indian from the Village People playing the drums?

      Some good comedy.  Fire away if you can top those.

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