Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Best Lines" Hall of Fame, Third Inductee

"Rondo's gettin' better, we fittin' him in.  At some point he's going to take this team over.  That's a big adjustment for us.  But he's a great addition to our team.  I think the chemistry's startin' to be sound now."--Kevin Garnett following Boston's game six win over the Cleveland, clinching the series four games to two.

Rondo is the fifth longest-tenured Celtic, his four years being one more than Garnett himself.  He was the starting point guard on their Championship team three years ago.  He just averaged 20.7 points, 11.8 assists, 6.3 rebounds and 1.8 steals in the six game series, leading the team in all but rebounds where he was third.  His game four performance where he went off for 29,13,18 and 2 was historic.  Rajon Rondo meet Kevin Garnett.  Kevin, Rajon.

That's a nice new addition they just got.  Good of Kevin and the boys to fit him in.

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