Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Bullpen in MLB? Here's a Surprising Case for the Pirates

Here are the numbers for the major contributors to the Pirates bullpen from May 1 thru May 19th.
Dotel 8G  8IP  2Hits  4BBs     12Ks  0HRs  1ER  1.13ERA  30BF  .080/.233/.160
Han. 10G  9.2IP  6Hits  2BBs  14Ks  1HR  1ER  0.93ERA  37BF  .176/.243/.324
Meek 8G  11IP  8Hits  3BBs  12Ks  0HRs  1ER  0.82ERA  44BF  .205/.279/.256
Lopez 6G  6IP  3Hits   0BBs   4Ks  0HRs  1ER  1.50ERA  22BF  .136/.136/.227

Total --- 34.2 IP 19Hits  9BBs  42Ks  1HR  4ER  1.05ERA  133BF (3HBP, O Sac flys)  .158/.235/.250  0.808 WHIP

The team is 8-10 during this stretch in May and has lost four of those games by one run.  The other six losses have been by four runs or more.  In the four one-run losses the four pitchers listed above have pitched 8.1 innings and given up one run and took the loss.  In the eight wins, the group has a win and six saves.  During the year the team is 12-1 when tied or leading after six innings.
The Pirates still have many problems, but they may have the most effective bullpen in the majors at the moment. Certainly it's the most cost effective.  The total salary of the four guys listed is just a touch over $5 million for 2010.

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