Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dumb Baseball Quotes

If I compiled a list of the dumbest things said by athletes I think the internet might crash.  Sure, there is the occasional Yogi Berra or Satchel Paige--legendary for their quick-witted and comical quips.  When it comes to laughing out loud due to unintentional comedy Micky Rivers and Rickey Henderson had few peers.  But most of the time you get inane or just downright dumb stuff.  Here is Zach Duke with the latest edition, courtesy of Dejan at the Post-Gazette:
I just need to try not to do too much, which the competitiveness in me always wants.  I always want to do more, always want to be better.  When I do that, though, it tends to spiral the other way.  It's a matter of being comfortable with what I'm doing, to be more in control.
What?  Just go out and try to suck tonight Zach.

RESULT: Zach got it right last night.  He went out and twirled a gem--against the best offense in the National League, no less.  Six innings, six hits, one run.  He beat the Phillies and Roy Halladay 2-1.  Nice win.  The secret of Zach's success?  He has yet to comment other than to say "I just needed to get back on top of the ball."  Hmmmm......Just don't overthink it Nook.

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Don said...

If memory serves, he is actually quoting Clay Buchholz.