Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winning...from Start to Finish: Awesome Video from Around the Net

*I love trick plays. The hidden ball trick is the meat and potatoes of trick plays and still catches a couple major leaguers each season. The Grand Illusion, which the University of Miami pulled off in the 1982 College World Series, is my all-time favorite because there were so many people involved and I actually saw it live on television. The guys in the dugout all jumped to the rail and looked down the first base line, yelling to their teammates to get a ball that had never been thrown. I couldn't find the video, but if you can, let me know.

I bring this up because the University of Maryland pulled off the best lacrosse hidden ball trick ever over the weekend. If you haven't seen it, well, you'll probably have to watch it at least twice to figure out what happened. This video gives you slo-motion from a different camera angle. Awesome. Of course Maryland went on to smoke UNC. Pull off plays like that and you win. Guaranteed.

*Speaking of awesome, here is a lacrosse-like goal scored at this year's World Hockey Championships. 19-year-old Mikael Granlund scored in the semifinal against Russia to give Finland a 1-0 lead in a game the would eventually win 3-0. I guess the only downside for Mikael is knowing at 19 that he has already achieved the thing that he will be remembered for for the rest of his life. But this guy did it first. In 1996.

*In the awesome defensive plays category Roger Bernadina makes the catch of the year.

*If you have to deal with a rain delay, you probably want these two teams to be on the field. Human jousting? Comedy.

*Make enough great plays and you might end up winning a championship. The soccer team AC Milan did just that winning Serie A in Italy. As the story says "the celebration started out with a massive parade through the streets of Milan. Then led to their stadium, as they still had a game to play (they won 4-1)." The piece de resistance came next. Kevin Prince Boateng, one of the team's players, did his Michael Jackson moonwalk impersonation to Billie Jean. This video is just too good. The crowd and the players are going nuts. As my man says, "The bar has now been raised." This (Madsen dancing and Shaq rapping) and this (William Gay in a red Yankees hat after finding Santonio's stash) no longer rate.

*After all the great plays and championship presentations, you probably want to hang out and celebrate with the guys who rang up this bill at Tryst in Las Vegas. Solid.

*And finally, if you drank all that booze, you'd probably think this was real.

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