Friday, May 6, 2011

The Daily Numbers 5/6: Exceeding Last Year, Pirates Stadium Wins

Last year the Pirates had a winning record in exactly two major league stadiums. PNC Park was not one of them, but they were a respectable 40-41 at home. The Pirates had a winning record in Chicago's Wrigley Field where they were 5-4 and in Denver's Coors Field where they were 2-1. They had a losing record in the other 17 stadiums in which they played.

This year's dramatic turnaround on the road (11-8 vs. 17-64 last year) has already changed that. The Pirates won't return to Colorado or San Diego again this year, so their recent series wins means they have already posted winning records in two stadiums this year. They also have winning records in Wrigley (2-1, 6 games left), St Louis' Busch Stadium (2-1, 3 games left) and Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark (3-1, 2 games left). With one win in Cincinnati later this month the Pirates will have already surpassed another of last year's dubious numbers.

Tonight the Pirates look to improve upon their 4-8 home record as they open a three-game homestand against the Houston Astros who are tied for the worst record in the National League at 12-19.

(This was originally posted on the Pirates Extra Innings blog, you can follow all Pirates info here.)

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