Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Terrible Podcast - Episode 57 (5/18) Dancing with the Lockout, Twitter, Fake Trade Episode

In Episode 57 of The Terrible Podcast Dave and I open up by discussing the current labor situation. While this isn't the most entertaining topic, we try to give you a short recap of where things stand now and what dates are important in the immediate future.

Turning to on-th-field issues, we discuss the undrafted free agents and how the teams around the league will have much more time to review film and decide which guys to sign once the lockout is lifted. Is this good (more money) or bad (much harder to make the team)?

We move on to the Jim Wexell tweet that Daniel Snyder had said the Steelers and Redskins had a draft day trade in place, presumably to take Mike Pouncey, but it fell through because "the player" was no longer available (Pouncey went #15 and the Skins had a pick at #16). Turns out Snyder never said that and it wasn't true. How responsible is Wexell and what should he do about it? We chime in.

But what if the trade was made available today? Would you trade Cameron Heyward and Marcus Gilbert for Mike Pouncey? We discuss and you can too. Call our new hotline at (814) 429-YINZ (9469). We want to hear your thoughts on that and anything else you want to tell us.

We close with our weekly Dancing with the Starts recap. Of course.

Thanks for listening and call the new hotline (814) 429-YINZ!

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