Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Terrible Podcast - Episode 30 (1/26)

In Part 1 of Episode 30 we start with the injury report and a look at the status of Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey. We get into a discussion of what the Steelers will do if Pouncey can't go and how that may effect the status of defensive lineman Aaron Smith who is looking to come back from his midseason injury. We also go through the nuts and bolts of Super Bowl week and our thoughts about whether the Steelers Super Bowl experience gives them an advantage over the Packers.

In Part 2 we wrap up our discussion of the Steelers AFC Championship win over the Jets. We talk about the rarely seen use of the "bone" and take a hard look at the performance of the offensive line. You'll be surprised at one player who earned a great grade from Dave. We then talk about the defense, analyzing both the front seven and the corners.

In Part 3 we look at Chris Mortensen's report that Dick LeBeau may be a better than 50% chance to leave the Steelers and head to Arizona and other coaching moves that might take place after the Super Bowl. I then rant about the perception that Ben, Tomlin and the Steelers in general don't get enough respect. We probably don't have the take that you might. We wrap with our thoughts on the Pro Bowl and our take on the Jay Cutler firestorm.

A shout out to those who sent us questions and we hope you enjoy listening!

The Terrible Podcast - Steelers Podcast

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