Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFL Playoff Picks-Divisional Playoffs, Sunday Edition

Ka-Ching. We rang the register yesterday with the Steelers and the Packers and I opined that neither game would be close. Steelers-Ravens went down to the wire, but it sure didn't feel like they were two evenly-matched teams and it sure doesn't look that way when glancing at the statistics. Analysts can stop talking about Joe Flacco making the leap. The Ravens couldn't move the ball all day. The only yards they got were on screens and a great draw call for a TD and finished with just 126 net yards. I didn't see much of the other game, but I did see Matt Ryan throw a pick six at the end of the first half. Great job by the corner to recognize the situation and jump the route. I don't understand why more guys don't make that play. Neither Flacco nor Ryan throws the ball down the field or moves their team consistently. I just don't get the love. Ryan probably sneaks into my top ten. Flacco, no chance.

Seattle at Chicago -10:
I don't have any feel for this game. I haven't watched the Bears play often this year and the one time I sat and watched closely the Patriots crushed them. Seattle looked great offensively last week, but the Saints were terrible. Jay Cutler is Brett Favre lite. If nothing else he makes it exciting. I'm gonna go with the Bears because I think there is a reasonable chance Matt Hassleback doesn't finish the game. He had his hip and knee drained yesterday and the Bears will be coming after him. All nine of the Seahawks losses have come by 15 or more points, so it could get ugly. I'm not gonna load the gun on this one, but I think Chicago may blow 'em out.

I'll take the Bears 30-13, but only for half a unit.

New York Jets at New England -9:
The storylines for this game are awesome. I'm genuinely excited to watch. As a football fan, I like Rex Ryan, I like Tom Brady, I'm amused by all the talk. Now it's time to play. To me it's very simple. Mark Sanchez sucks. That's it. The Jets have a good team, but they are weakest at QB. I like Sanchez. I think he'll eventually be a decent quarterback, but he isn't there yet. The Jets won in spite of him last week, but they won't this week. The Pats defense is playing much better than they were earlier in the season and I'm sure Belichick will scheme like crazy to confuse Sanchez. The Jets chance is to pound the ball on the ground and keep it close. Once they get behind ten, they're toast. They'll be behind ten in the first quarter. I am loading the gun for this one. I'll be in Foxborough next week for the Championship Game.

Just like last time. Pats 38-13.

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