Sunday, December 26, 2010

The MVP, McNabb, Foot Fetishes and Week 16 Picks

Are we really having a debate about the NFL's MVP? Yes Michael Vick is having a great year. He's a dynamic player, one of the most fun to watch in the league. But there is no question Tom Brady is the MVP. The Pats are 12-2, the Eagles 10-4 and the Eagles skilled players and defense are much better than what the Pats are running out there. Brady has a higher QB rating, TD/Int ratio and has played every game, while Vick has missed three. Production matters.

Vick's story is a great story. I don't care whether people buy into the redemption aspect of his life or want to forgive him or not for his heinous crime. On the field, he's having an unbelievable year. At the same time, he doesn't get extra credit for being a terrible guy and complete jackass in the past. Evaluate this season on its own merits (yea, I'm talking to you Jemele Hill. How do you have a vote? And you Keyshawn. Who cares what your expectations were? Is race coming into play here?) Great year? Yes. MVP? No.


I have no idea why people are lining up in support of Donovan McNabb. I don't care how what a "class act" or great guy he is. He has been awful this year. He lead his team to a 5-8 record. His QB rating is 77.1 and he's thrown 14 TDs and 15 Ints. At that point, with the team trying to figure out where they want to go next season, they have every right to bench him. And if he wanted to be free to choose where he was going to play next year, he and his agent shouldn't have agreed to that ridiculous contract extension the week after he got pulled in the Lions game. You want to decide where you go next year? Okay, start by paying back the $3.5 million you pocketed six weeks ago.

NFL players making multi-million dollars complaining about being disrespected is the most laughable thing in our society. And the media just fans the flames. Could the Skins have handled it better? Most certainly. Should McNabb's agent shut up? Can't happen fast enough.


People killing Rex Ryan over the videos of his wife's feet need to get some perspective. Sure there has been controversy around the Jets this year and clearly their head coach and organization are attention-seekers. Why else would you agree to do Hard Knocks? But, to make it sound like he did something heinous or perverted is asinine. Watch the videos. They are about as harmless as they come. If anything, they fall closer to comedy than smut. Yes, the Sal Alosi sideline incident was bad, but most of the other stuff surrounding the Jets falls squarely under the category or entertaining or humorous. Again the media is largely at fault. They constantly kill the No Fun League for its policies, then they crucify a guy for having a little fun in his personal life. Hypocrites.


Week 16 Picks:

It's been a decent year and we'll see if we can't finish up strong to put us firmly in the camp of Up Dough.  Here's what I like:

Washington +7 at Jacksonville:
I've been against the Jags all year and it hasn't served me well. Rex Grossman was pretty good last week in place of McNabb (talking heads wrong again) and MJD isn't playing. Jacksonville had its monster game last week and lost to Indy. They're done now.

Buffalo +9 vs. New England:
Aside from the game in Minnesota, Buffalo has played hard all year year. I think they give the home folks a good effort today and keep it within a touchdown.

At 4:00 I like Green Bay -3.5 to handle the Giants, and Tampa -5.5 to roll Seattle. Good Luck.

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