Friday, December 3, 2010

I Feel the Earth Move...

under my feet. I feel the sky......

Jeff Reed signed with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday. I had to laugh. Reed was a great kicker for the Steelers and I wish him only the best, but he was never one to let you forget how difficult it was to kick in Heinz Field. The media played right along basically making every 40+ yard field goal sound like an Act of God. This year Skippy seemed to lose his mind, calling management liars during training camp, ripping the fans that booed him and saying he wasn't going to make excuses, and then, basically, making excuses. So away he went when he missed his seventh field goal of the season a few weeks back.

Now his new home stadium is going to be Candlestick Park where a baseball pitcher once got blown off the mound during the all-star game. As my friend Dave Bryan from Steelers Depot noted, now the earth, not just the sod, may actually move under his feet. Funny stuff.

Oh, and Reed's first game this week? At Green Bay on the The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. This may all have him dreaming of Heinz Field. Knock 'em dead, Jeff.

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