Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Picks in College: Big Ten Favorites and More

The season has taken shape and there are only a handful of games left to determine who is going to play in the BCS title game. TCU absolutely schooled Utah last week. Gameday isn't going to be going back to St. Lake anytime soon. The Utes failed to cross the fifty yard line until the fourth quarter in the 40-7 pasting. Boise St. continues to keep pace on the scoreboard but not in the pools as their schedule isn't doing them any favors. They played last night and went up 28-0 against Idaho in the first quarter. They called off the dogs in the second half, rolling 52-14.

Like it or not, both non-AQ schools are going to be watching Oregon and Auburn if the Ducks and Tigers win out. Nobody has ever played as fast as Oregon. They have 21 touchdown drives that have lasted less than a minute. Not only are they really good, they are in unbelievable physical condition. Tempo and speed. A few teams have kept it close in the first half, but they inevitably get blown out in the second as Oregon wears them down. Nobody is more fun to watch. Auburn has been great, but the Cam Newton story has taken away some of the luster. They still have Georgia today and the SEC title game so they are more likely to stumble.

We logged another winning we last week going 6-4, bringing the season record to 32-22. That's pretty solid. Let's put some more points on the board this week with a focus on the Big Ten favorites. We're tight on time, so we'll just let it roll:

Iowa -9.5 at Northwestern: Northwestern was up 21-0 at Penn St. just before the half last week. Then the roof caved in. I don't think they recover from that and I expect Ricky Stanzi to have a big day as the Hawkeyes rebound from last week's scare at Indiana.

Michigan -13 at Purdue: I don't know that Rich Rodriguez loses his job if the Wolverines lose last week against Illinois, but I sure as hell know the defensive coordinator isn't going to be back next year. Giving up 45 in regulation and three straight TDs in OT means one thing. You suck. You're fired. They'll have an easier time this week, but look for another shootout.

Wisconsin -22.5 vs. Indiana: Wisconsin was a lucky cover last week scoring 28 second half points. They won't let themselves get behind early at home this week. Indiana mails this one in after almost upsetting Iowa. The Badgers are too big and too physical. Camp Randall will be a fun place to be this afternoon.

Oklahoma -15 vs. Texas Tech: Norman is hell in November. Mike Leach isn't there and the Red Raiders can't stop anyone. Look for the Sooners to hit the half century mark today.

Cincinnati +5 at West Virginia: West Virginia fans are going to finally get their wish. Back-to-back losses to Syracuse and Connecticut sealed head coach Bill Stewart's fate. The locals may turn on the home team if they get off to a bad start. Take the points.

Others: Mississippi +2.5 at Tennessee;  Florida -6 vs. South Carolina;  Auburn -7 (assuming Cam Newton plays) vs. Georgia; Oregon -19.5 at Cal. Good Luck.

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