Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moss Uncovered: The Best Take on Randy

If you missed "The Best That Never Was" last night make a point of watching it when it re-airs. It's an ESPN documentary in it's 30 for 30 series. This one is about the short career of Marcus Dupree. Two hours. Outstanding. I can't recommend it highly enough.
With Randy Moss getting ready to go for his third team this season, here is something you might have missed last week that got lost in the shuffle. The interview with Carter is great.

If you're reading this blog you probably have a reasonable handle on the saga that is Randy Moss. Traded about a month ago from New England to the Minnesota for a third-round draft pick, Moss was released by the Vikings on Monday, a day after they were beaten by the Patriots in Foxboro. Cue drama. The Vikings are the NFL's version of Days of our Lives. Everybody knows about the Brett Favre saga, which mercifully appears to be ending. This week Brett took a back seat to Randy who diverted all the attention (Get the SNL skit ready. Brett, Randy and Brad Childress with owner Zigy Wilf lurking in the background. This will happen.) Honestly, I bet Brett's a bit jealous. He has a busted ankle, took that big hit on the chin Sunday night and lived to tell about it and now all anyone wants to talk about is Randy. But, I digress.

Randy kicked things off for the media during his post-game press conference saying he loved the Patriots, but the real activity had started on Friday during the team's post-practice lunch when Moss loudly complained about the food and the Mom & Pop shop that had delivered it. Combined with Moss' lack of 100% effort, Vikings coach Brad Childress decided he'd had enough, had made a bad decision in acquiring Moss and told his team that they were releasing him. That set off all sorts of problems within the organization because Childress didn't clear it with the front office and owner. Now Childress is on very thin ice. Wednesday the Tennessee Titans, the only team to put in a waiver claim, acquired Moss and he will be in uniform next week after their bye.

That is all background to an interview done by former Vikings wide receiver Chris Carter. Carter was Randy Moss' mentor when he came into the league with the Vikings thirteen years ago. He shared some fantastic insight into who Moss is and what makes him tick on the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN radio Thursday morning 11/4. The podcast is 6:27 long. It's well worth your time. Check it out here under the The Best of Mike and Mike. I highly recommend it, one of the best takes by an athlete I've ever heard.

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