Tuesday, April 20, 2010

McShay's Mock, My Pick and a Free Mercedes

Todd McShay just published his latest Round 1 mock draft (ESPN Insider, subscription required).  As most of you know the real draft is taking place starting Thursday night at 7:30.  While the first three picks appear set at this point (Bradford #1 and then Suh and McCoy in either order at #2 & #3), the rest of the first round is open to speculation and could change drastically if any trades are made at the last minute.

Here is the interesting part.  In McShay's latest version he has the following three players available when the Steelers pick at 18--Maurkice Pouncey, C/G Florida, Mike Iupati, G Idaho and Joe Haden, CB Florida.  Those have to be the three guys the Steelers are targeting, particularly if the top four OTs are already off the board.  I'm on record as saying there is no way the Steelers pass on Pouncey if he's there.  But, that was under the assumption that Haden was taken in the top 10.  So, I'll give the caveat that the Steelers take Pouncey, unless Smokin' Joe is on the board.  If he is, you know who your new starting right corner is on September 5th.

As for the speculation that the Steelers would take Clemson RB C.J. Spiller at 18, please pass the crack pipe.  Some talk show hosts and a variety of bloggers think Spiller is going to be available when the Steelers are on the clock around 10:00 Thursday night.  There is ZERO or less chance CJ is on the board at 18.  McShay has him going at six.  I'm guessing between 7 and 13 to SF or Seattle.  If he's is on the board the Steelers will be offered a king's ransom to trade down.  In fact, if Spiller is on the board I'll buy everyone who provides a comment to this blog post a Mercedes.  These people are brain dead.  Or I'm going to be broke.


Nanook of the North said...

Triple Black SL. Comments linked to the sweeed post referring to his "personal reasons" being that he too was attacked by ben makes me laugh

Tom said...

I dunno, stranger things have happend. I don't see Spiller slipping past Jax, SF, and Sea.

I would just hate to have to choose between Iupati, Pouncey, and Haden ;)

fanofsteel said...

I'm in it for the Mercedes! CJ spiller to the Stillers!

Diontrujillo said...

Come on Spiller!!!!!

Chris said...

Woo hoo. Come on free mercedes

SteelerBoy86 said...

Not a chance Spiller lasts that long unless some team or every team up to 18 forgets to call up to the podium that they have their pick.
However, that being said, an obsidian black C63 AMG would be nice.