Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Terrible Podcast - Episode 66, Football on the Horizon

I'm introducing a new format for all the episodes of The Terrible Podcast. There is now a widget on the sidebar on the right which will allow you to see and play any episode. "Playlist" will list all the episodes and "Details" will give you a couple of paragraphs describing the content. The 66th and final episode of Season 1 was just added. Season 2 will get underway as soon as the CBA is signed, sealed and delivered. Thanks for listening.


In Episode 66 of The Terrible Podcast Dave and I (hopefully) close the books on Season 1. If the CBA gets signed, sealed and delivered we will resume our in-season schedule with three episodes a week beginning next week with Episode 1 of Season 2. We'll have to figure out some fancy notation for that, something like 2:1 or 1:2 to go with our fancy logo.

In this episode we start with the latest updates on the labor situation. We have stayed away from the nuts & bolts so far because it was all speculation, but now the agreement is really taking shape and we discuss some of the important topics.

I weigh in with my thoughts on both the James Harrison and Hines Ward situations and then we get into the salary cap issues that Dave has written about in great detail on We also look at how the timeline will play out from here to the regular season if an agreement is reached in the next few days.

We wrap with a look at Dennis Dixon and whether he might be an attractive tender candidate for another team and answer a listener's question about the roles of Limas Sweed and Jonathan Dwyer.

We are revved up and ready to go. Hopefully we can get this CBA behind us and start ripping episodes for The Terrible Podcast Season 2 starting next week. Thanks for all the great support. Real Steelers football looks to be right around the corner.

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Lisa said...

Hope they continue.  We enjoy it all!