Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Daily Numbers 6/2: Chris Capuano's 7th Inning. Later a Homicide?

A couple of posts from my Extra Innings blog to whet your appetite if you aren't getting over there on a regular basis. If you watched the Pirates 9-3 victory over the New York Mets last night you probably wouldn't be surprised if Mets pitcher Chris Capuano was arrested for homicide overnight. Capuano breezed through six innings. He had given up 3 hits, 0 runs and thrown only 71 pitches. Here is a pitch-by-pitch recap of what happened in the seventh:

Batter: Andrew McCutchen

First Pitch: Infield single to first baseman Daniel Murphy. (Misplayed by Murphy & Capuano)

Batter: Neil Walker

First Pitch: Bunt single to third baseman Willie Harris. (Misplayed by Harris)

Batter: Matt Diaz

First Pitch: Ball
Second Pitch: Infield single to pitcher Chris Capuano. (Misplayed by Harris)

Batter: Chris Snyder

First Pitch: Called strike
Second Pitch: Infield single to shortstop Ruben Tejada. Run scores 2-1. (Misplayed by Harris on force at third)

Batter: Lyle Overbay

Frist pitch: Ball
Second pitch: Single to center off the glove of Angel Pagan. Run scores 2-2. (Misplayed by Pagan)

Chris Capuano is removed from the game after throwing 8 pitches. All five batted balls should have been converted into outs. Of course the three remaining runners would all come in to score, including one on another infield hit.

On the inning Capuano threw 8 pitches, gave up 5 hits and 5 earned runs. I'm certain the water cooler in the clubhouse had a bad ten minutes after Capuano left the field.

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Guillemineg said...

I watched it. Unbelievably bad field play; if it had happened in 1918 you'd have 100% certainty the game was thrown. Looking at the larger season, homicide-suicide rash seems inevitable. Starting with Wilpon hanging himself with Einhorn's supposed lifeline (and maybe taking Ballmer with him) ...