Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Terrible Podcast - Episode 36, The Offseason Commences (2/9)

My Super Bowl experience in Dallas and game thoughts are coming....soon. Here is the lastest Podcast. Also, here is an email from a Packers fan whose tickets were in the section declared unsafe. Brutal. I would have been apoplectic.

In Part 1 of Episode 36 we wrap-up our analysis of Super Bowl XLV. We discuss Troy's reaction to the loss and acceptance for some of the blame and talk about whether it is justified. We look at the Steelers' nickel and dime packages and whether they made the right adjustments and we recap a few other issues from the game.

In Part 2 we talk about Hines Ward's dissatisfaction with not getting the ball on the last drive. Is there still a lingering issue between Ben and Hines? And we wonder why Antonio Brown didn't try to get to the sideline on the last Packers' kick-off (I was wrong on the podcast, it was not Antonio Brown who returned the final KO, it was Isaac Redman). Finally we get to some issues taking place off the field--who is and will have surgery. And, will the Steelers defensive philosophy continue to hold up or do changes need to be made? News comes out that defensive backs coach Ray Horton is leaving to be defensive coordinator in Arizona.

In Part 3 we talk about the suggestion that the Steelers move Maurkice Pouncey from center to guard and put Doug Legursky at center. We close with a look at the seating fiasco in Dallas and what the NFL is going to do about it.

Make sure you also listen to Friday's Episode 37 when we go through all 60+ guys on the Steelers roster and analyze whether they will be back and what the cap ramifications will be.

Thanks for listening!

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