Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nails From the Toolbox

**Commissioner Roger Goodell is really making things interesting for the NFL and it's players as he tries to legislate morality. The personal conduct policy gives him far-reaching powers which he has put to use many times, most-notably suspending Ben Roethlisberger even though he was never even charged with a crime. Now he's got to deal with Brett Favre. Clearly the allegations against Favre are true. It's also clear his actions don't shine a positive light on the league. But in terms of committing a crime, Favre's not guilty of anything more than being an idiot. His biggest problem probably lies in the fact that the woman he texted and called was also employed by the Jets. Favre has not violated the personal conduct policy in the past, but has had well-documented problems with alcohol and pain pills. I don't know if that will be considered, but I'm guessing when all is said and done he gets suspended for a few games. I'm guessing Favre wishes Jenn Sterger would never have been show on television during the FSU-Miami game in 2005. It's amazing how he has completely shredded his legacy over the last 2 1/2 years.

**Peter King continues to be all over the map on the Favre story without saying anything insightful. First he reported that no action would be taken against his buddy before 2011 because of the NFL's lengthy investigation process. Now that it's reported the NFL is fastracking the investigation he's changed his tune. King told PFT and his NBC Sunday night audience that Favre may not get suspended, but could if the league finds his offense "so heinous,...but it's not automatic." And it won't be resolved for at least three weeks. Great reporting, Peter.

**Tough start for the Penguins and Marc-Andre Fleury. The Pens opened their new building with back-to-back 3-2 losses. Fleury was fair in the opening loss to the Flyers, but was excellent for 58 minutes Saturday night against the Canadiens. But in the last two minutes he gave up two goals, the second as soft a goal as you will ever see (with some help from another terrible defensive play by Kris Letang, his second in two games). Giving up a soft goal every other game was something that hampered Fleury during a poor 2009-10 regular season and playoffs and the early returns aren't inspiring a lot of confidence. He needs to play better.

**Surprised by last week's announcement that Alberto Contador, three-time winner of the Tour de France, tested positive on the last rest day of this year's Tour in July? Of course not. Contador initially claimed he ate some tainted beef, but the tests also showed plastic residues consistent with bags used in blood transfusions. Guilty. Cycling has become a complete joke. Everybody dopes, some get caught. Lance Armstrong didn't win seven Tours without doping while everyone else was doing it. I just don't see how it's possible. It will be interesting to see how the current investigation unfolds and if Lance can survive the massive implications that a guilty verdict would bring. I'm guessing his legacy is going to take just as big a hit as Favre's.


Keith Foulke said...

Disagree on Armstrong .... his fall will be 3x Favre's plunge. This is Mr. Inspiration. Mr. Overcome Adversisty. Favre was just a dipshit from Mississippi who - depending on your perspective - was either the NFL's greatest compiler or it's worst post-season signal caller. His reputation has been in decline for years and this will just finish him off and make him the punchline. But Armstrong? Armstrong's stock is like Goldman Sachs and to find out they have been cooking the books all these years would be devastating. Yes, Armstrong's stock has come in twenty percent amid all these allegations but an actual piece of hard evidence will crush him. And it couldn't happen to a better guy.

The Hammer said...

I guess we don't really disagree. Armstrong is a bit out of the spotlight these past few years and football obviously dwarfs cycling. It will be interesting to sit back and rank the hit taken by McGuire, Palmiero, Sosa, Clemens, A-Rod, Big Ben, Favre, Marion Jones, Landis, Ben Johnson and various others five years from now.

Jpsawkins said...

Good stuuf.
Keep it coming

IllegalBlonde said...

Nice try Roberto the Builder; but I think you confused your toolbox with your Dopp Kit again- those "nails" look more like the best shaven beard I've seen in a long time!