Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down goes Huggins

Bob Huggins, the basketball coach at West Virginia, fell in his hotel room in Las Vegas Friday, breaking four ribs. I found this odd. I once cracked four ribs in my college dorm room. I was getting out of my loft at 7:00 AM one morning before a preseason soccer practice.  The guy who built the loft had yet to build the ladder so I was using a chair, a desk and another chair on top of the desk as a makeshift ladder. I had gotten up and down a couple of times without incident so I wasn't paying much attention as I leaned off the edge of the loft to step onto the chair on the desk.  It didn't go as planned.  The chair slid.  Next thing I know I am tumbling forward.  Eight feet down in the pike position onto the back of the chair on the ground.  Ouch!

I'm curious as to how the fifty-six year old Bob Huggins did it.  I fell from eight feet onto a chair.  I'm comfortable making the assumption Huggins' hotel room didn't have a loft.  So, how exactly did Huggins manage?  People fall all the time. Sometimes they bang their head or occasionally break an arm or wrist, but ribs?  A former basketball player Huggins is a big guy and reasonably athletic.  The story being sold is that he tripped on something on the floor of his room and slammed into a coffee table. The fact that it took place in Vegas leads me to believe that's probably not how it went down.

And there's this pic. That's Bob a year ago at a fantasy basketball banquet, sporting two shiners. On that occasion he allegedly stepped into the edge of a bathroom door late one night. That's one mean-ass door.

Huggins was supposed to be released from the hospital Saturday, but is being kept longer for observation. There isn't any treatment for broken ribs, so I'm not sure why Bob's still in the hospital, but let's hope he gets out soon. Love him or hate him he definitely makes the sports world a more interesting place. And, we can start wagering on what piece of home furnishing is going to get him next.

UPDATE: Apparently Huggins has seven broken ribs.  That's one mean-ass coffee table, too.


The Hammer said...

Along with the new style comes a new commenting format. It should make it easier to use this feature.

Paul said...

David: The title alone made me chuckle. When I heard 4 broken ribs from a fall in a hotel room it raise some questions in my mind as well. Of course in Vegas I am sure that there was no alcohol involved....

The Kimmer said...

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?.....this did make me laugh out loud.